Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Next....Hurricane Alpha

Currently on the Caribbean, Hurricane Wilma is on its rage. Many people are anxiously watching its projected path, whether it will follow its sister, Katrina and Rita or whether it will struck a new disaster at another place. Now, as the sentence being written, it is on Category 5. Enough said, that is the highest on the scale of hurricane.

Two major hurricanes recently and another one is coming. And a big earthquake in Pakistan. What shall we ought to learn from this? To contemplate deeply and to have insight on the future.

Interesting enough, the naming system of the hurricane follows alphabetical letter, from a to w, excluding p,q, x, y and z. Wilma is the last name for this season. So, after this, if there any new hurricane form, it shall be called as Hurricane Alpha.

It was mentioned in Al-Quran, surah 101...

1. Al-Qari`ah.
2. What is Al-Qari`ah
3. And what will make you know what Al-Qari`ah is
4. It is a Day whereon mankind will be like moths scattered about.
5. And the mountains will be like wool, carded.
6. Then as for him whose Balance will be heavy,
7. He will live a pleasant life.
8. But as for him whose Balance will be light,
9. shall have the abyss for his home.
10. Would that you knew what this is like.
11. It is a raging fire.

A day where mankind scattered everywhere....Hmm, isn't that similar if we knew a hurricane is approaching. Isn't that similar if a major earthquake happens at our place.

If only men knew what lies in the hereafter.....

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