Wednesday, November 16, 2005


alhamdullillah, finally managed to endure all those examination papers. This time, the exam was very hard indeed. Wonder if next semester is even harder than this.

Bracing through this exam made me realised on one aspect. No matter how hard you dilligently studied and put your utmost effort for this exam, in the end....all of those does not really matter much. The question especially the multiple choice question were very difficult to comprehend and took lots of time to read the whole sentences. The last paper though, was easy and half of my batch already left the exam hall before it was over.

Throughout the entire exam period, I put all my hope to Allah alone. I prayed and hoped for the best. When we direly need something, we always turned to the Creator. This exam clearly shows the extent of putting all of your trust to Allah and hoping for the best.

Of asking help from Allah, we ought to know our relationship with Him. How close we are throughout the year? Is it only when the time for the exam comes, we become very close to Him and outside of those period, we neglect Him? Is it only when we are faced with great difficulties that we submit humbly to Him?

For our prayers to be accepted, our relationship should very close to the Almighty Allah throughout our life. How does one measures his relationship with the Lord?

An analogy; a person would like to make an appointment with the richest man in the world, Mr Bill Gates. Which factors need to be considered for us to make a successful appointment and later meet with Bill Gates? Surely, Bill Gates will look into our biography and perhaps our personal background and perhaps how valuable the meeting would be. One major factor is how valuable we are to him?

Similarly, we should ask ourselves, how much we have done for the sake of Allah alone till this day. Check and purify our intention. Why do we study and what are the reasons we asking help from Allah?

Now, I have come to the boundary of summer holiday. Months of free time should not gone to waste. The time is precious to everyone of us. Use this time to strengthen our faith and relationship with Allah. Only the relationship with Allah alone lasts forever and only with the help from the Creator, I will be able to see the right path lies ahead of me.

Still striving to capture the true meaning of this hadith....

“Indeed amazing are the affairs of a believer! They are all for his benefit. If he is granted ease of living he is thankful; and this is best for him. And if he is afflicted with a hardship, he perseveres; and this is best or him.” (Muslim)

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