Tuesday, October 17, 2006

human nature

VERILY, man is born with a restless disposition. [As a rule,] whenever misfortune touches him, he is filled with self-pity; and whenever good fortune comes to him, he selfishly withholds it [from others].

Not so, however, those who consciously turn towards God in prayer.
[and] who incessantly persevere in their prayer and in whose possessions there is a due share, acknowledged [by them],

for such as ask [for help] and such as are deprived [of what is good in life];
and who accept as true the [coming of the] Day of Judgment; and who stand in dread of their Sustainer's chastisement – for, behold, of their Sustainer's chastisement none may ever feel [wholly] secure;

and who are mindful of their chastity,
[not giving way to their desires] with any but their spouses - that is, those whom they rightfully possess [through wedlock]: for then, behold, they are free of all blame,

whereas such as seek to go beyond that [limit] are truly transgressors; and who are faithful to their trusts and to their pledges:and who stand firm whenever they bear witness; and who guard their prayers [from all worldly intent]. These it is who in the gardens [of paradise] shall be honoured!

[al-Maarij : 19-35]

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