Friday, September 12, 2008

2 weeks

That is the length of time this blog has not been updated. Now, I shall tell you what has been happening in the last two weeks.

First week
The first week was a lecture week. We had lectures in the morning and student presentation in the afternoon from Monday till Friday. The student presentation was part of the assessment in this rotation. You need to present a selected topic within 10 minutes. Most of the time, 10 minutes was not enough the cover the topic and we usually talked in general. Some of the presentations were interesting, some were quite funny and some are boring.

One of the memorable presentations was on getting informed consent to perform a procedure to remove a pelvic mass. The procedure involves on opening your abdomen since the mass is quite big.

The presentation by the student was hilarious and scary. The student talked in detail the risk that could happen in the surgical operation. It is a normal procedure and you rarely mentioned rare and uncommon risks associated with the procedure. The student mentioned it is possible that the surgeons might cause incidental damage to the small bowel, large bowel, liver, gallbladder and stomach. The student continues on what kind of procedure will be involved if those organs are damaged such as anastomosis, stoma bag, cholecystectomy , liver transplant and at this stage, I could not help but to laugh mrgreen.

It is true that there is possibility that these organs could be damaged while removing the pelvic mass but that surgeon must be a careless and hardly qualified person. If you mentioned in detail the possibilities of what could happen in the procedure, the patient might not give you the consent to do the operation. The operation is an important process and the informed consent should not be to the extent of scaring the patient away.

Overall, this week is a mixture of boring and interesting lectures.

Second week.
There are a lot of things happening this week.

First, it is the start of Ramadhan. It is the fifth time for me to celebrate Ramadhan in Melbourne. As usual, I try as much as I can to perform the teraweh and reading al-Quran. However, this time around, my hectic schedule prevented me from doing a lot of ibadah and I personally think that last year Ramadhan is better than this year.

Most of the time, I came home after Maghrib and sometimes, I have to cook for dinner after that. If I'm too tired, I usually bought food outside. I usually sleep early due to exhaustion and try to study in the morning. There are lots to be covered and I have about 2 more weeks in this rotation. My next rotation would be paediatrics and I'm not sure whether I have time to revise on Obstetrics and Gynaecology in the next rotation.

p/s: Despite all of this, I managed to send my picture to Salam Perantauan cool. Here is the picture and this is taken last year during ski trip.


dith said...

With that kind of consent, detailed with explicit possible complications,I bet, even the surgeons would be reluctant to perform the op, hehe

Adz Ariff said...

I second that! :) Everybody will be scared out of their wits if the risks of the operation is mentioned in great details.

Anyway...I've moved my blog to Hope you can update your blogroll link when you have the time. No rush. The old blog is still there but new updates will be done in the new one.

And...ahh salam perantauan. I missed doing that. :)

mosh said...

ehehehe rajin gak tu hantar salam perantauan photo. never did that actually.

and hopefully not too late to say salam ramadhan to you too..

hafiz238 said...

@dith, sometimes giving too much detail would bring more harm than benefit :)

@ adz, sorry for not visiting your blog more often. I would update the link as soon as possible.

@ mosh, salam ramadan juga yer.

al-ikhsan said...

*sorry, this might be a lil bit outta topic*

2 weeks is considered long enuff for me to quit blogging..i dont know why but life in KMB hasa made me lose the enthusiasm and commitment to blogging that i once had oabove all the reasons that i mentioned in di sini bermula..

haiya, dunno what to do la!=P

nurilahi said...

may Allah ease everything, including ur way towards serving the ummah~!

hafiz238 said...

@al-ikhsan, two weeks is a long time and it is appropriate if you consider to stop blogging :)

However, there are times when you need to blog and I hope you will that time sooner or later.

@ nurilahi, thanks for coming here. May Allah guide us to the right path.