Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A frustating OSCE

I finished my exam yesterday. One of the main reasons I took a day to write about OSCE were that those OSCE were quite frustating.

There were 5 OSCE stations.
  1. Take history from patient with symptoms of depression.
  2. Take history from patient with bulimia nervosa. Describe the management.
  3. Elderly women with Colles' fracture. Describe your findings in clinical examination and x-rays. Management of Colles' fracture.
  4. Patient with advanced lung cancer, want to die at home. Has several issues. Medication, feeding, EPOA.
  5. Elderly patient with side effects of medications (MS Contin and Naprosyn).
The first station I had, was the depressive patient. I had to exclude whether this patient has Major Depression. I almost forgot all the symptoms of depression due to anxiety. Fortunately, I'm able to remember few of the symptoms before the bell rang.

Bulimia nervosa again. This disorder has been featured in the previous written exams and I'm not sure why the medical faculty is so interested in asking medical students about eating disorders. During this station, I'm not sure what else to ask after eliciting all the DSM IV criteria for bulimia nervosa.

Colles' fracture. Hmm, I'm stumbled quite a lot in this station. When the examiner asked me to do physical examination of the wrist, I'm not sure how to neuro exam of the hand, so I quickly do a random examination of the hand. Hopefully, I can get enough points in this station to pass the ED station.

The last two OSCE stations were quite a puzzle. I'm not sure what else to say in patient with palliative care needs and not sure what are the side effects of those medication.

Overall , this semester which is made of RAPP (Rehabilitation, Aged Care, Palliative Care and Pyschiatry of Old Age), Rural rotation, Emergency Rotation and Psychiatry has been a frustating semester. Let us hope that all my friends and I could pass this semester exam.

p/s: Before the OSCE, we were given surveys for this semester to fill in. This was what I wrote for RAPP: The RAPP handbook is too painful to read.

Hopefully they will make significant improvement for RAPP :)


Anonymous said...


I hope u're doing well for this osce/exams. If u still remember me, i was d one who asked u to post some entries about nutrition & metabolism before. For now i think it isn't important anymore because Alhmdlh I've passed my latest nutrition & metabolism exams. It was quite tougher that i expected yet i survived that moment.

Anyway ur blog has been one of my current sources for my medical studies. FYI, i'll be entering my clinical phase next sem. As a newbie i hope u can lead me to achieve success since i've acknowledged that clinical phase is quite busy n difficult. thus i'd like to ask u for some relevant tips if u have got times.

thanks so much

Hafiz Egypt.

Hafiz said...

Thanks for the wish. I'm glad to know that you are using my blog as a future reference for clinical years.

I'm not sure what tips I could give you beside studying very hard and smart during clinical years. Perhaps, see as many patients as you can and try to present your cases in front of doctors.

If you have any problem in the future, you can always ask me.

Hafizatul Akmar Hussin said...

colles's fractures! hee. my supervisor just asked me about this fracture.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Good brief and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you seeking your information.

Anonymous said...

Very nice and intrestingss story.