Tuesday, September 01, 2009

General Practice

For the next 5 weeks, I will be spending time at General Practice (GP) clinic. This means that I will be having lots of opportunities to clerk patient individually and present the findings to the doctor. This will be the best time for me to get lots of procedural skills done.

During winter holiday, the medical school asked us to choose 10 places for our GP placement. Unfortunately, since many medical students choose city placements, not many were able to get their place of choice. In my case, my placement was not even in my list. I was given rural GP placement which is quite far and close to the border of Victoria. I might be celebrating Eid over there as well. There won't be any Muslims within 50-70km radius from my GP placement.Now, that is something that I would call as celebrating Eid'ul Fitr in a foreign land.

I don't think I would be able to get free internet access over there. Hence, no more blogging or even facebook-ing in the next 5 weeks. As this will be my last post before going to my GP placement, please forgive for all my wrongdoings and Happy fasting. Happy Eid in advance too.


Nurulhuda said...

Salam Hafidz.. salam Ramadhan :-)

JHaZKiTaRo said...

selamat berpuasa & selamat hari raya dari blog 'aku sebutir pasir'.. :)

hayad said...

lama tak ke sini sbb tukar template, link plak tak reti nk letak camne. ni br dpt berkunjung.

selamat hari raya in advance too.

Hafiz said...

@ Nurul Huda, terima kasih. Selamat Hari Raya (walaupun terlambat sedikit)

@ Jhaz, haven't been visiting your blog for ages. Will find time to visit all my friend's blog

@ Hayad, boleh ajer guna blogger gadget kalau nak letak link tu. terima kasih kerana sudi berkunjung :)