Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Last Rotation

I am now in my last rotation as a houseman. ETD (Emergency and Trauma Department) and once it was called as A&E (Accident and Emergency).

This posting is one of the best posting as it combines all of your previous learning experience in the the other postings and sharpen your skill to diagnose and manage life threatening conditions. Apart from that, this department has one of the best shift system and even the tagging period, the period whereby the new houseman enter a department, is also enjoyable.

Personally, I might be thinking to join this department as a medical officer in the future too.


drzizimun said...

Tahniah Hafiz and Aya! You'vre made it:) INsyaAllah the path after this will be easier... Remember leave the bad culture behind and pass on the good tradition :)

Hafiz said...

thanks for the support :)