Monday, May 02, 2005

returning to the Creator


One of my friend's father passed away. My heartiest condolence to her. May Allah bless her father's soul.

There were many times that I faced with death. Death of my friend's parent, my grandmother, my aunty and many more that stirred my emotion rather deeply. Life and death, two contrasting matter that all of living human will face.


I learned something about measurement of mortality and morbidity in community. Introduced to me were years of life lost (YLL), Years lived with disability (YLD) and the sum of both measurements equate to disability adjusted life yearly (DALY). These measurements were important for health workers to decide the so-called burden of disease towards economy and the wider community. Once a human died because of disease, you could calculate his YLL and when someone becomes disabled due to disease, you could know his YLD.

Learning these terms made me wonder. If human can calculate the impact and the harm/lost due to a certain disease, can we calculate the impact of our faith towards our life? How many years that we have lived till this very second are fruitful towards worshipping Allah?

Too many years we have lived with 'disability'. Disability to appreciate the true meaning of becoming a pious Muslim. Certainly nowadays, there were many 'disabled muslim' around us. In fact, the term disability is not that appropriate. The term suggesting that the person is unable to do something because something prevents it. But is there anything that prevent us from becoming a true pious person that uphold islam?

Life seems to us as a long journey that never ends, yet when someone around us died, we are struck with gravest thought. What have we prepare for those inevitable moment? Is our preparation enough?

Forgetful are human. No matter how many times he encountered the funeral or heard someone passed away, how long he will remember it? Hours, days, weeks, months or years? Ponder upon ponder. When the temporal world deceive us with its charming beauty, the eternal Hereafter become our past forgotten memory.

Remember, reflect and muhasabah always. Every time you breathe, you are one breathe closer to death. Every day you wake up for Fajr prayer, you are blessed with another day to worship the Almighty God.

Again, my heartiest condolence to my friend. Be brave to face the life ahead of you....


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