Sunday, May 08, 2005

examination is looming

Here are my examination time table:

6 June (MON) : Cardiorespiratory & locomotor systems, Paper II - 2 hours (25%)
7 June (TUE) : OSCE - 9 Minutes (20%)
8 June (WED) : HP 3 (Written) - 2 hours (50%)
9 June (THU) : Cardiorespiratory & locomotor systems, Paper I - 3 hours (35%)
14 June (TUE) : Practical exams - 1 hour (15%)

If you look carefully, I have four straight days of examination starting from 6th June. And that is less than a month from today.

The first four days of the exam is rather scary. Just look at the big percentage of each paper worth of. To think that I am well prepared for this, well, think again. I'm not that prepared for this coming exam. Day by day, I'm fatally buried under anatomical jargons.

With the examination so near to my heart now, I guess I had to stop temporarily this blog. Will be blogging after the exam is over.

Symptoms of examination is already infecting me.

Typical symptoms of examinitis.
- Palpitation
- expertus insomnia
- expertus pyrexia
- chronic anxiety
- paroxysmal panic attack especially when the time is too near
- paroxysmal dyspnea especially when realising that there were too many things that have not been comprehended and memorised yet,

...itis - inflammation
expertus - examination
pyrexia - fever
palpitation - rapid heart beat
paroxysmal - acute, sudden
dyspnea - breathless
chronic - occuring over a long period

reference: anamuslimah

When one is facing with affliction and difficulty, one should always turn to the One Almighty, Allah Subhanu Wa Taala.

"If Allah helps you, none can overcome you; and if He forsakes you, who is there after Him that can help you? And in Allah (alone) let believers put their trust. " (al-Imran: 160)

- wallahuallam -

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