Sunday, February 26, 2006

reminiscing the past

While exploring the planet Earth via Google Earth, I came to this place. A place that was part of my life. A place that brings back all past memories that have resided in my mind.

Cardiff. A city that was once a home to me. My family came to here following my father who was furthering his studies.

This picture shows a castle. An old castle that has been build by Romes and later being added by Welsh peoples. Cardiff Castle is the name. An ancient castle that remain as one the main tourist attraction to this capital city of Wales.

Next to the castle is one huge park. A huge park that was once a place for my friends and I to play football. If I'm not mistaken, the name of the park is Bute Park. This park was quite close to my home. Within walking distance, I am able to reach the park and the city. Forgot to mention that the city was next to this castle :)

The next picture shows my old high school. Fitzalan High School. This school comprises many races. From Caucasian, Somalian, Pakistan, Indian, Chinese and many more.

It was in this school too that I was introduced to the Welsh and German language though, now I almost forgotten them all.

This school was quite huge. The field to the south of the building was part of the school. The field is a combination of hockey, rugby, cricket and football field.

The distance from my home to this school was about 1.5 mile and believe it or not, I used to walk to my school. It only tooks 20 minutes and this culture of walking was quite a norm there.

Anyway, thanks to Google Earth, I am able to reminisce my past :)

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