Monday, February 13, 2006


Something that it is easy to be gained will be have less value to the eye of the beholder.

Look around you and check which of which that you value the most. Watch, books, shoes, clothes? Time, study, life, faith?

To a person that gains wealth so easily, that person will tend to regard the wealth as nothing. To be spend and to be used without any thought or consideration. Buying anything that crosses their mind.

To a person who works very hard to reach and grasp the entity called wealth, he will tend to guard his wealth cautiously. He will buys commodities that will help him in the future. The wealth not to be wasted but to be used to gain a better opportunity in the future. Perhaps, he will donate some of his money to poor people around him.To him, the wealth that his gained through hardship is valuable and priceless.

A person who acquires freedom through hardship will know the real value of those freedom. Ask anyone who have been involved countless wars and battles in order to gain their freedom, to them...freedom is something that is too close to their heart.

A person who achieved freedom without doing nothing, will never know the exact meaning of those precious word. Celebrating independence day is just another celebration that means nothing in their heart. Cause freedom to not a big matter, not worth to be discussed, not even worth their time to be put into their thinking process.

Something that it is easy to be gained will be have less value to the eye of the beholder.

A person who was born as a Muslim rarely knows what Islam has brought to them. To them, Islam is a religion, a faith that requires them to fast during the holy month of Ramadhan, to pray five times a day and if they're capable, performing hajj at Mecca. When the time of Eid comes, they celebrated it and never explore the meaning behind of those celebration. When someone drew pictures of Prophet Muhammad and made bad remarks out of those images, the born-Muslim became angry. Buildings to be destroyed, flags to be burned. Did they know the history of the Prophet? Did they know the journey of Prophet and the Companion to bring Islam to the whole world?

A person who works hard and endure countless struggle to become a Muslim will know the true meaning of Islam. He knows what is Islam and what is gained by becoming a Muslim. To him, Islam is such a valuable way of life to the extent that he will protect Islam with everything he had. For almost 13 years in Macca, the Prophet and Companion faced great misery and affliction just because they were believing in Allah. Yet, they never surrender their own faith and from that time onwards, become the greatest human generation ever on Earth.

To those people who were born as a Muslim, are you able to know the true value of Islam? A question for me too and a reminder to the reader.

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