Friday, July 07, 2006


My former classmates are getting married next month. I knew both of them very well and indeed have been there to witness how their relationship grows throughout my foundations years. One was the class rep and the other was his assistant.

In the beginning, they always had dispute against each other. Fight between them is the norm and in fact, we are so used to it by the end of our foundation years. I'm truly missed those years. The boys and the girls with their own agenda, but I think in the end we come together as one whole team to face the exam. The exam that determines which university we go in the future.

After two years spending time together, my classmates spread throughout the whole world. Half is in Australia, the other half in UK and Ireland. It is my wish that somewhere in the future I could meet all those familiar faces again.

Time has passed and I wonder how much my classmates have changed...

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