Monday, July 10, 2006


Today, new semester started. My research is something to do with diabetes among children and my orientation day was at Royal Children Hospital. Start from 9.30 am and finished by 3.30 pm and I have nothing for tomorrow or the day after tomorrow :)

My project is 100% research. Some people were 75% research and 25% coursework. They have tight schedule learning the biostatistics but I have somewhat flexible timetable. I will be learning those stuff throughout the whole year and meet few times per month.

Having almost total control is rather new to me. The last 5 semesters, I will know what will happen next. The timetable is fixed and rigid. Each week, we are given one case study to be solved and there are learning objectives to be achieved by the end of every week. Now, it is up to me to do anything. I am still learning how to cope with this new environment.....

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