Wednesday, September 06, 2006


While waiting for the consultant today, a small boy came near me and sat down. I guess he is around 5 years old. I thought he want to drink some water since he was quite close to the water filter...

He told me that he does not want any drink. OK.

Then, I turned around to check for the consultants. Within minutes, his face turned bright red and he closed his face with his small hand. He cried and cried continuously. I'm surprised and I don't think I do anything wrong.

Few nurses nearby started to notice him. One nurse asked him and he told us that he could not find his mum and dad and sister. The nurse asked his surname. He quickly told us while he was still crying. Fortunately, the consultant that I am waiting for was interviewing his family :).

Imagine you are a little kid and surrounded by adults. You are small and the adults are biger than you. You don't know anyone of them. All of them are strangers. Aren't you afraid? I understand why that little boy cried. Being surrounded by strangers certainly give us that kind of fear especially if the physical size differ very much.

That little boy reminded me of my childhood and my little brothers and sisters. Doing research among children certainly give me that kind of feeling every time I meet them. What a day :)

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