Tuesday, July 17, 2007

cumulative updates

First day was a tiring day. We started around 8.30 am and finished around 5pm. It was a busy schedule and I will need some time to get used to this kind of schedule. In the past, that is when we were studying medicine at university, we have a more relaxed timetable and lots of free time.

Now, the timetable for the clinical years seems like there are a lot to be covered and the tutorials will be flexible. If the tutor is too busy, he/she will postponed to it on later/earlier date. We have to prepare for rescheduling at any time. This semester is 18 weeks without any mid-semester break at all. We have three 6-weeks rotation for this semester. The only official holiday that we could get is 3 day break in between the rotation. I would not call Friday, Saturday and Sunday as a long break though. We have to prepare for the next rotation.

Fortunately/unfortunately our exam is not that long. From the timetable that they gave to us, it seems the exam will finish in less than a week. And I think the gap for something like SWOT VAC is about 3 days. Never ever study last minute :).

My group has the opportunity to have cardio tute right on the first day.The tutor expects us to know everything about cardio since we have learned that in pre-clinical years. Perhaps the tutor forgot that most of us have one year of holiday research year prior to clinical years. When the tutor asked us to describe what causes three waves in JVP, my mind became blur. When the next question was asking about differential diagnosis on heart murmur, I could not remember. I guess one year of doing research has totally diluted my medical knowledge.

p/s: I extremely need lots of time to do revision now.

A bit sad to know that one of our medical staff that helps us a lot since first year has passed away due to cancer.


chem said...

welcome to clinical years!
good luck :)

kaSyah said...

sorry to hear bout that medical staff.

looks like this sem u quite busy rite

hafiz238 said...

chem & kasyah: quite a busy life now.