Friday, July 27, 2007

first week of neuro

It was quite a busy week. Our PBL case this week was stroke. It requires thorough knowledge of the structure of the brain and related nerves.

The hospital that I'm attached to, has three campuses and we usually rotates around only two campus, Austin and Repat. There is free shuttle bus between the two campus and I usually park my car at Repat since the parking at Austin is relatively expensive. However, there were many times when I missed the bus. It took me around 10-20 minutes to travel from my home to Repat depending on whether I'm stuck in a traffic jam or not. Whenever I missed the bus, I prefer not to wait for the next bus which will come in another 15 minutes. Within that time, I will be able to reach Austin by walking :).

I guess if this trend continues throughout this semester ( I mean, walking from Repat to Austin), I might shed some kg from my weight. Just for your information, Austin is located at the hilltop.

How to survive the first week of neuro rotation?
  1. Learn the arterial territories of the brain.
  2. Cranial nerve.
  3. CT and MRI.
  4. Upper and lower limb examination.
  5. Upper motor neuron and lower motor neuron lesion. Know the differences between these two disorders.
  6. ALS, DCML and motor tracts.
  7. Parkinson and the structure of basal ganglia.
There are still a lot that I need to revise for neurology. I have not covered 12 cranial nerves in detail yet.

For non-medic, cranial nerve is a special group of nerves that connect the brain to special part of the face and shoulder. For example, some cranial nerves are connected to ear, eye, face muscles, tongue and shoulder muscles. You can imagine nerve as wire that delivers information between brain and any part of our body. Anything that disconnects nerve will cause paralysis of the organ that the nerve is connected to. This is what usually happens when someone has stroke.


intysaar said...

trying to remember cranial nerves... haha.. that was my first rotation in clinical years. all the best for neuro!

hafiz238 said...

thank you...banyak kena ingat untuk neuro ni

moshimoshi said...

why these cranial nerves are the ones normally affected by stroke attack?

hafiz238 said...

these nerves are located close to the brain. What happen in stroke is that the blood that supplies these nerves can be blocked or cut off. Therefore, the cranial nerve die due to lack of oxygen normally received from the blood.

anyway, not all stroke will affect cranial nerves though ;)