Saturday, February 23, 2008

honeycomb lung

There was one question from Semester 3 exam that I still remember until today. The question asks to describe 'honeycomb lung'. Most of us could not remember learning about 'honeycomb lung'. Apparently the answer was based on 2-3 slides and we need to listen to the explanation given by the lecturer. The question worth 10 marks and I tried my best to answer the question even though I hardly remember anything from the lecture.

My current rotation which is heart and lung reminds me of this unanswered question.

There are many lung diseases that will eventually end up in the same appearance during post-mortem. Honeycomb lung refers to the end stage of various diseases. There is even mnemonic for this term.
Histiocytosis X
Occupational disease (pneumoconiosis, farmer's lung)
COllagen vascular disease
This is how honeycomb lung looks like. Pathologist ie the doctors that look cells under the microscope and do post-mortem have a tendency to associate food with dead human tissues.

Picture taken from Pathology of Pulmonary Interstitial Disease.


hayad said...

hafiz, nk tye, urea in urine is in liquid substance rite?

aiysyah said...

ape beza urea dan urine?

-sambung soalan cikgu hayad..

hayad said...

urea is excess protein and will be excreted in urine form...

betoi kan doc? :p

hafiz238 said...

urine is the liquid that is excreted by our bladder.

urea on the other hand is the waste product formed from certain biochemical reactions in our body. The main component involved in the formation of urea is protein. So, Hayad is right :)

hafiz238 said...

lupa nak jawab satu lagi soalan. yup, urea in urine is in the form of liquid ie water soluble.

hayad said...

ok, tq! my students just asking me that question. she said urea is solid substance. when it turn to urine then br dia jd liquid. She made me confuse pulak,hehehe.

tp nasib baik sy dpt trgkan pada dia yg urea tu mmg liquid ;p

aiysyah said...


dan cikgu, I did ask my science teacher similar questions.

budak kecik semua tanya soalan sama ek?

hafiz238 said...

urea ni memang dalam bentuk cecair dalam urine (air kencing). Nak tahu lebih lanjut, cuba tanya Cikgu Kimia.

Feel free to ask me any questions and I'll try my best to answer those questions :)

SoFie NuR said...

huhu.."honeycomb" lung..i like this term..but i already forgot it n i need to refresh back all these stuffs..haha..

hafiz238 said...

not sure whether this term will be useful in clinical years unless you are an aspiring pathologist :)

chem said...

honeycomb appearance ni boleh jugak tgk kat imaging studies i.e CT scan

hafiz238 said...

thanks for the info. Never know that it can be seen using CT scan