Saturday, March 01, 2008

Favourite websites

I have been asked by Sarah to list down 5 of my favourite links/websites that I frequently go to. Well, this will be a bit difficult since I have many favourite websites :).

Since this is the case, I might as well list down some of my favourite websites. I collect all the feeds from these websites in my Google Reader and hence the link to my Google Reader should be the first on the list, but don't think that is a valid link ;).

To understand my choice of favourite websites, you need to know that I have two totally different interests. One is related to the medicine since that is what I'm doing currently and another hobby of mine is associated with web design.

I read several websites to gain a broader perspective of what is happening around the world.
  1. New Strait Times Online. This is for news from Malaysia.
  2. Google News Australia. It collects news from major Australian newspaper. It is useful to know what is happening around Malaysia. At least you can use this info to talk with the patient when you are stuck in the middle of the interview :) and some issues in Australia can affect you directly. It is important to know local situations whenever you stay in overseas.
  3. BBC News. This informs me of global news and can be quite useful for comparison study. The same event can be perceived differently depending on the reporter's background.
  1. emedicine. I use this website to learn about any diseases although not all diseases are described in the website. I subscribe to Emedicine Clinical Case which regularly gives you a a brief description on patient and ask you to diagnose the condition. It is a good test to refresh my medical knowledge :)
  2. Access Medicine. This requires subscription and shows online version of many books. My university subscribes to this website and it is available to Melbourne University students. This is another alternative whenever I'm studying for medicine.
  3. Up To Date. Another web that requires subscription. Apparently, the hospital I'm attached to, subscribes to UpToDate and it is available for the staff and medical students. This contains the latest info on any diseases around the world. I could even find info on rare disease. It is always being updated for every 5-6 months.
  4. Merck Manuals - Online Medical Dictionary. This website does not requires any subscription. It is another excellent source for medical information on various disorders.
Web Design
  1. Smashing Magazine. This is an extremely useful website and highlights important article and websites for web designer around the world. Their motto is "we smash you with the information that will make your life easier. Really."
  2. Ars Technica. It contains news related to the information technology be it Google, Apple, latest gadgets, internet, web browsers or even web standard.
  3. Veerle. This is a personal blog of a famous web designer. I learned a lot from this blog.
As per instruction, I need to tag 5 peoples but I don't think I would like to do that. Anyway, hopefully the links above will be useful to you.

UPDATE 5 APRIL 2008: Add Merck Manual and edited the post.


Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

salam hafiz. oh great. u are the 1st out of 5 to hv completed the tag. thnk u :) i found something in common btwn us. the access medicine n we both read english msian newspaper, not the malay 1. hehe. ans so impressive because u still hv time to keep improving ur skill on web designing. anyway, spasiba for sharing the links :)

hafiz238 said...

Good to know that you are also using access medicine. I have to use Google to check the meaning of spasiba and I'm glad to learn one word from Russian language :).

ahib0205 said...

what the serious guy who read news from many source :) cool.. we will know more...

hafiz238 said...

kena berusaha untuk tahu mengenai keadaan sekeliling. Kalau tak, fikiran kita nanti akan jadi berat sebelah dan gagal untuk membuat pertimbangan yang wajar :).

aria ayumi said...

huhu. sume link yang kamu letak, sume kite tak penah view. hihi

hafiz238 said...

Link ni agak specific untuk medical student dan sesiapa yang berminat dengan web design. Kalau rajin, bolehlah berkunjung ke link-link tersebut :)