Saturday, August 30, 2008

catching babies

Last week was my turn to be in the labour ward. Every student is allocated one week to do the delivery. We are required to get at least 7 deliveries in any mode, vaginal delivery or caesarean.

Alhamdulillah, I managed to observe a lot of deliveries. In one week, I managed to observe 5 caesareans, 3 vacuum-assisted vaginal delivery and assisted in 5 natural vaginal deliveries. I'm still not an expert in labour but I guess that I might be able to help if someone is going to deliver a baby somewhere in the future biggrin.

Pregnancy is a risky condition. In one week, there were 2 fetal deaths in-utero, 1 neonatal death, few prolonged second stage of labour and I saw one patient with pre-eclampsia.

Second stage of labour refers to the period from the full dilatation of cervix to the delivery of the baby. This stage should not be too long as it can lead to fetal distress.

There were times when I'm happy to see the babies and there were times when it was sad to hear the news of stillbirth. Overall, you have to be prepared for any potential complication from labour.

Last week was exciting yet I was pretty exhausted at the end of the week. It was a memorable experience and I wish that I could deliver more babies.


hayad said...

dah boleh jd bidan terjun la ni,hehehe.

np ek, kalo yg menyambut bayi byk doc laki je. malu seh... hak hak!

farah y said...

I cannot imagine.

Hafiz, Selamat berpuasa to you! :)

Anonymous said...

besh yea dpt pengalaman cenggini..

zanurul wani said... first time visit ur wonderful u can experience all those thing.i hope i'll have a chance to see how women deliver their baby live!

SoFie NuR said...


wish u all d best...!!

dith said...

Have you learned how to induce a labor yet?

hafiz238 said...

@ hayad, memanglah rasa awkward juga bila lelaki sambut bayi ni tapi part of training nak jadi doctor.

@ farah, it is difficult to imagine and I personally would suggest female doctor for labour too :)

@ dak chomey, pengalaman ni sangat menarik dan tak dapat dilupakan.

hafiz238 said...

@ zanurul wani, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Hopefully you will get this kind of experience in the future too :)

@ sofie, yes, this is an interesting experience and I'm quite happy to see baby come out without any complications.

@ dith, i've learned that in theory only :)

Anonymous said...

camne puase kat sanew?

redSeptember said...

hey there,
seems like we went thru the same thing for the past month, eh?

i love being posted in OBGYN as i think it is fairly easily understood and management wise is not that hectic.

glad to know that you had good experiences there.

read this and see how terrible some malaysian doctors are...

chem said...

i managed to assist 3 emergency c-secs so far, (now i'm in o&g posting)
anyhow, yesterday during my oncall, the case i assisted was a biohazard case - retroviral disease...omg... i didn't know until the scrub nurse inform me in the ot. luckily the surgery went on smoothly