Sunday, August 03, 2008

Women's Health - Week 1 part II

To read part I, please check the previous post.

A lot of things happened during the first week of my rotation.

After 29 hours of lectures, the last period in the timetable was the definitions exam. This exam asked us on various definitions and few concepts that we have learned in one week. There were 50 questions that need to be answered in 30 minutes and all of them are written questions. It was the fastest exam time in my entire medical course.

It was either you know the answer or not. You don't have enough time to think. If you were fortunate, you might have few minutes to think of the answer. I think I have written lots of wrong answers.

Anyway, I have to work harder to gain better mark in the next exam. I could not afford to lose a single mark this semester. I don't want to fail my exam again. Thus, my attitude of perfectionist

On the other hand, a lot of unexpected things happened to me personally this week. I don't know how things unfold this way but it already happened. It is mind-boggling if I am to look for reasons that caused things to unfold this way.

Back to my first week of Women's Health, in conclusion, this week is busy, tiring and will take few weeks of self revision to digest all the contents of the lectures. I will be busy catching babies after this so I might only update this blog on weekends cool.


Ummu Layth said...

hahahaha apa la tu bende personal yg berlaku tu...curious2...

eh masa korang pergi the women's ada tak dpt lecture from Dr Penny Sheehan? dia my AMS supervisor dulu

mosh said...

i'm curious too. could it be attributed to women's health? (or part of it ;) )

hafiz238 said...

@ aliya, we never had Penny Sheehan as our lecturer. Perhaps she does not teach medical students.

i will let you know if you are still curious.

@ mosh, I don't think it is related to my rotation at all :)

mosh said...

ehehehe. i think both you and i know that i was referring to your rotation ;)