Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blue screen of death

In the past few days, I have seen lots of blue screen of death in my laptop. Most of the time, the message will be different and I am more than confident that the problem is in the hardware. It is less likely to be from the heatsink eg the cooling system since I have fixed those last time.

I might persevere with this problem until at the end of this year and buy another laptop when I am back in Malaysia. Hopefully this problem won't disturb me from blogging and studying smile


Aneesah said...

Oh, I didn't know blue screen errors could be caused by hardware problems. Used to think it was software; drivers or something. I still get some errors; usually saying usbport.sys and stuff like that. =_= And dunno how to fix it other than restarting the computer. =\

mosh said...

sounds like it. sounds like the motherboard or something.

arsaili said...

salam sdr..apa kabar? lama tak dgr berita..sure sibuk ya....selamat semuanya!

hafiz238 said...

@ aneesah, sometimes the blue screen of death is caused by softwares and this can be fixed by reformatting windows again. Unfortunately, this is not the problem in my case.

@ mosh, the only way to solve this is to buy a new laptop.

@ arsaili, lama tak nampak di sini kan.