Wednesday, October 08, 2008

recovery and Paediatrics

Alhamdulillah, I have almost recovered from my bronchitis. However, my laptop is going downhill. There has been several occasions in which my laptop suddenly shutting down. The problem is likely to be hardware and I think I might get a new laptop at the end of this year.

This is my second week in Paediatric. The first week was full with lectures although, I think there are more lectures in first week of Women's Health than Paediatric. This week....I had nothing except PBL. This is extremely different from the previous rotation. Previously, I had tutorial every day and had to come to the hospital every day and came to home late, usually around 7pm. It seems that this rotation is slightly better than and not as busy as the previous rotation.

I hope that I can enjoy this rotation and pass this semester biggrin


hayad said...

alhamdulillah dah sihat :)

farah y said...

Good to know that you're doing good.

Masalah laptop tu, I've had that problem years back. Lepas belek-belek, turns out ada masalah power. Laptop cepat panas, kata orang tu.

Any laptops in mind right now? MacBook Pro? Hee.. :p

hafiz238 said...

@ hayad, ambil masa lebih kurang seminggu juga untuk sembuh dari bronchitis ni.

@ farah, it is less likely to be from heat problem since I already fixed those problem manually :)

MacBook Pro..hmm, I don't have enough money to buy that yet and I'm not really familiar with Mac OS. Perhaps something cheaper kot ;)