Saturday, December 13, 2008


- 2 days overdue. Take focused hx, do ex and Ix.
- Interpret partogram and CTG. Discuss appropriate management of prolonged bradycardia

- There are 5 photos. Diagnosis, DDx, and management. ?Chicken pox, Mongolian blue spot, nappy rash, Eczema, ?erythema toxicum.

- Abdominal mass. DDx, Symptoms of fibroid, Mx of fibroid in someone who want to get pregnant.
- Pap's smear on a pelvic model. Manouevre to locate the cervix if could not find the cervix for the first time.

This was the hardest OSCE ever. We were allocated 9 minutes per question and there was no pre-reading time.

You just knock the door and straight away launching yourself to the unknown situation. You will be given the question from the examiner, and the time is ticking while you read and think on how to answer the question. You will be asked several questions and there was no turning back or any second chance. Once you answered the question, the examiner will move on to the next question. If you are wrong, you don't have time to reflect on that. The clock is ticking. 9 minutes is not that long. Scary.

I definitely failed the station on prolonged pregnancy. Everything on history is normal and I'm not sure what else to ask. Perhaps the topic that needs to be discussed with the patient is the induction of labour or complications from prolonged pregnancy. It was the hardest OSCE station in this exam.

For neonatology, I might be correct for 2-3 pictures and the rest were spend on guessing the diagnosis. The conditions were rare and not clinically significant.

Gynaecology stations might be the only chance for me to get at least enough mark to pass this OSCE. However, I'm not sure whether I did well in gynae stations. Pap's smear was awkward and I made few mistakes.

The end of this semester exam is marked with sombre mood. I'm not sure whether I would pass the exam and it has been raining non-stop since yesterday. This is certainly not a good way to end this obstetrics, gynaecology and paediatric block. Hopefully I would pass the entire exam.


al-ikhsan said...

sometimes reading your [medical] journal made me a little bit more 'scared' about my future journey as a medical-student-and-a-medical-officer-wannabe!huhuhu~

Ummu Layth said...

did u do ur osce at mercy or RWH? my examiners were soooooo nice! even when i answered a question wrong, he went back to the question and told me to answer again. and when i was stuck, they rephrased the question better and made it more specific so paham skit apa nak jawab.

osce ni all depends on type of examiner! a good one gives u confidence and when u go out u feel good wpun takde la reti sgt nak jawab.

but i really resent not having the reading time seriously. kelam kabut lah.

inshaAllah hopefully we will all pass.

eh in the NNP ada ke eczema??? uwaaaa. i think i only got 2 out of 5 right for that one.

Hafiz said...

@ikhsan, unfortunately the future does looks a bit gloomy. However, you can always find happiness in difficult times :)

@ aliya, I did at mercy. One of the examiner is not nice and the rest were ok and helpful.

I really appreciate if they give us the pre-reading time. At least, takderlah kelam-kabut sangat.

Neonatal tu hentam ajer. tak sure tu eczema ker tak. I might be wrong as well.

Add said...

hopefully you're a successful Dr by now. (:
i was searching about o&g osce and found your post. well, its 2013.
9 minute is quite a decent time. we just had 6 minute altogether for question reading, examination and 1 examiners question.

if you're reading this, please pray for us. have a successful life ahead. and please be a good consultant whatever it is. (: