Saturday, December 13, 2008

Paediatrics OSCE and slide exam.

There were 4 stations

1. Vomiting and diarrhoea in 2 year old boy. Take hx and discuss management.
2. Surgical stations.
- Abdominal pain in 4 year old boy. DDx and initial management. Likely Dx and how to manage the condition.
- Exomphalos in term baby at rural hospital. DDx, initial management. Management of hypoglycaemia. Other risk factors associated with the condition.
3. Do cover test and describe the interpretation of the test. Diagnose type of strabismus from video and picture shown. Discuss DDx, Ix and management.
4. Take short hx from adolescent coming for vaccination of Boostrix (DTPA). Perform immunisation procedure and discuss risk associated with the immunisation including anaphylaxis.

Personally, I think the hardest station is the surgical station. The examiner keep asking what else I would do to diagnose the problem. It is hard because the time constraint and the nervousness of the exam.

Slide exam. We were shown pictures or videos for few minutes and need to answer the questions as soon as possible.

  • Breath-holding spells. DDx and what would you tell to the parent.
  • Eczema, principles of management, management of infected eczema, management in adolescent with eczema
  • Down's syndrome, other anomalies associated with the syndrome. discharge plan from GP
  • Oedema at eye, DDx and management of this condition
  • Nut allergy, management of anaphylaxis, discharge plan.
  • Developmental milestones. Normal range for walking. Three broad clinical conditions associated with delay in walking.
  • Fracture of femur, describe appropriate analgesia
  • Torticollis, Likely Dx and diagnose the abnormal side
  • Imperforate anus, other associated anomalies
Hopefully I will pass this OSCE and the slide exam.


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