Thursday, February 12, 2009

clearing up alerts

Right now, I am reading all the alerts in my Google Reader. There are thousands of alerts that need to be clear up. This is the result of not accessing my Google Reader in the past two months.

I subscribed to all of my friend's blogs and it was surprising to read what have happened in the past two months. Few of them quit blogging for good and few of them stop temporarily.

It was interesting to see what have happened in the blogging world. Most of the blog that I subscribed to are Malaysian bloggers and it was fun to see how each blogger responds to each issue happening in Malaysia.

Each person is entitled to their own opinion and despite all of their differences, I learn to respect their own opinion. After all, no one is perfect in this world. If we are able to tolerate each other, and spend time to listen to each other problem, we are one step closer in achieving unity and peace biggrin