Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Second and third class patients

Depending on your social status and income, you might be admitted to first or second or third class ward in Malaysia's hospital. The different ward class could mean that your stay at hospital either be comfortable or staying in a crowded cubicle.

If I'm not mistaken, being in third class means that you have to pay for every blood test but you pay less for admission fee whereas in second class, you don't need to pay for any test/investigations since that is being covered under admission fee. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

In Australia, there is no such thing as second, third or even first class. Every patient received the same standard of medical care. The only different perhaps whether you are in a single room or in a room with 4 people. Back in Malaysia, being in third class could mean that one cubicle containing around 10 patients.

I think in Australia, they have quite large amount of resources such that they could afford to provide one television per bed and every hospital has air-conds. In Malaysia, there is only one television per ward and a ward might have between fourty to sixty patients. I guess if you are admitted to public hospital in Malaysia, you might get bored easily and don't have the luxury to see any form of entertainment.

I'm not sure the needs of segregating patients in different ward class since I thought the provision of health care towards Malaysian citizens should be universal and be standardised regardless of your social status or income. At least for those who come from higher social status, they can afford to go to private sector.

Why am I writing about this matter? This might be one of the potential improvements that could be implemented in the future, provided that the government has enough staff, resources and facilities.

News: Public unhappy with government medical services


striker said...


solution: get a takaful/insurance medical card then. :p

hayad said...

hurm, btul tu. aritu membe msk wad, kena stay di third class dlu. esok pg baru dia transfer ke 1st class.

ms di war kelas ketiga tu mmg la sesak dan tak selesa. lepas tukar kelas pertama spt blk yg 4 org sebilik. mmg la selesa, aircond, ada toilet khas, tp xde tv la plak.

kesian jgk yg dok kt kelas tiga tu. tp nk wat mcm mna. msia mmg ikut sistem hierarki kot kan...

Hafiz said...

@ striker, :) terima kasih datang menjenguk ke blog ni.

@ hayad, sejak dulu lagi Malaysia ada sistem hierarki ni, tak tahu bila mereka akan ubah. Kalau duduk dalam kelas tiga, terpaksa bersabar ajerlah dan kuatkan semangat untuk sembuh dari sakit.

SoFie NuR said...

kadang2 tu tak tau nape Malaysia buat system macam ni..pelik jugak la..