Friday, May 15, 2009

How much a young doctor earns?

Taken from The Star

lt starts at RM2.456.39 (Grade UD41, P1T6) as against those of other schemes of service. The initial salary takes into consideration the period of six years that an undergraduate takes to qualify as a medical officer.

Furthermore, the total takehome pay for newly-appointed medical officers is RM4,058.39 when all the monthly allowances and Incentive Payment for Critical Service (the highest compared to those of other critical schemes) are factored in .

In addition, medical officers als o receive the following allowances:

> On-call allowance at the rate of RM150 per night;

> Locum at the rate of RM80 per hour; and

> Incentive payment for specialist ranging from RM1,600 to RM3,100 per month, depending on the grade of the officer.

The ruling that will entitle newly-appointed medical officers to receive RM6,000 per month will take affect in 2010, after the current batch of medical graduates have completed their internship at a local government hospital.

To further advance their career prospects, the Government has improved promotion opportunities of medical officers by creating more promotional posts. At the same time, the Government has increased the number of scholarships for the Masters programme to 600.
Will this be enough to lure Malaysia medical students to work in Malaysia public hospital? Personally, I don't think this will be enough to keep doctors in public health care system. There are various factors that need to be improved such as working environment, more opportunities to do specialist training at overseas, opportunity to work in private sector and the Ministry of Health should conduct more surveys from junior doctors to capture the suffering and burden among young doctors.

Any opinion?


hayad said...

wah, terus ke P1T6 tuuu...hehehe.

tp bebanan keje pastinye berat kan?

Hafiz said...

yup, beban kerja sangat lah berat. Kadangkala, memang tak balik rumah untuk beberapa hari.

chem said...

wow..u know this $$$ thing better than me...hehe

btw, aku ni takdela tak balik rumah beberapa hari. 2 hari je maximum. itu pun sebab rumah dekat je, tak payah tinggal kat hostel.

Hafiz said...

@ chem, itu pun nasib baik terbaca the star :)

Kalau rumah dekat, oklah tu kan. Takderlah penat berulang-alik dari hospital.

al-ikhsan said...

yup, that amount of cash sure isn't seductive enough to lure the medical officers to work in public hospital.

i mean, compared to the LONG working hours, stresses and all, it's just not worth it.

and i personally think that those whom are really willing to work for the government, must be really passionate about serving the needy. it's our niat that plays a role.