Tuesday, May 26, 2009


If you are ever had the chance to know how the psychiatric disorders are classified, you will be utterly shocked.

All psychiatric disorders are classified according to their symptoms. Let's say if you have symptom A and symptom B together, that will be called as a disorder 1. If you have the third symptom, symptom C, A+B+C = disorder 2. To make it more confusing, many of these psychiatric disorders are overlapping and if the psychiatrist are not able to categorise the disorder, they will simply called it disorder not otherwise specified mrgreen.

The classifications for psychiatric disorders keep changing over time, and any disorders were subjected to whether they were perceived as abnormal by society. If a certain psychiatric disorder was no longer perceived as abnormal and the society is able to accept the condition, this disorder will be removed from the classification.

Homosexual used to be classified as a psychiatric disorder. However, due to the increasing number of people who are practising homosexuality and the acceptance by some society, being homosexual is no longer treated as a mental illness.

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We should treat the cause and not the symptoms. However, in psychiatry, many causes of mental illness still remain elusive and perhaps will take several centuries for it to be found. In the mean time, we have to depend on this classification based on symptoms, which is not accurate and can be confusing at times.


Anonymous said...


Do u have something u've written before about nutrition and metabolism? currently im learning about all these topics:

2.peptic ulcers,
6.diabetes mellitus,
9.renal failure
10.benign prostatic hyperplasia

It'd be interesting if u've entries written lightly, just to make public understand it better without all the medical words.

Hafiz said...

Unfortunately, I never write about those stuff before. However, if you are really keen to know more, I could write that for you or give you a list of useful websites :)

nihas said...

tulis dalam bahasa "orang awam" ye.
saya tekan calculator mmg terror la.

huh..lama tiada masa baca/update blog.

Hafiz said...

@ nihas, akan cuba tulis dalam bahasa awam lepas ni yer :)