Friday, June 26, 2009

15 days later

The title refers the number of days this blog last updated. Lots of things has happened in the last two weeks.

  1. Swine flu is now officially an epidemic. Malaysia currently has more 90 cases of swine flu and the reaction from the Malaysian newspapers has managed to over exaggerate the severity of the swine flu. In fact, many of my friends who are going back to Malaysia for winter holiday are quite worried that they will be under home quarantine too, since few cases of swine flu in Malaysia originate from here. Go read this; Swine flu's not that bad.
  2. Riot in Iran. I wonder what will happen to Iran in the next few months. Hopefully, if there is any chaos in the future, it won't lead to lots of unnecessary killing among the citizens and disrupting the petroleum production. Petrol prices has already been increasing and we don't need another riot to push up the petrol price.
  3. New operators for tram and train in Melbourne. Hopefully this will improve the quality of public transport in Melbourne in the future.
  4. Exams. I have finished two written exams and will be sitting for OSCE next week. Will write more about those written exam later.
  5. Firefox has released the third Firefox 3.5 release candidate. I am patiently waiting for the next version of Firefox biggrin. Read this; Firefox 3.5 memory usage, Top 10 features in Firefox 3.5

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