Thursday, June 11, 2009


It has been more than a week since I last updated this blog. Currently, there are about two more weeks before my semester exam.

At this time of the year, many medical students are busy applying for the intern job in Victoria or interstates. Most of my groupmates were having lots of stress and worries since it is not an easy process to apply for a job here in Victoria. They have to sit for many interviews and few of the interviews will be during the exam period. They have to balance between revising for the exam and preparing for the interviews.

As the only person in the group who is not applying to get a job in Australia, my role for the last few weeks has been to calm them down and help them with possible interview questions. Interestingly, we are doing psychiatry rotation and it has been useful to put all of those relaxation techniques into practice. I hope that all of my groupmates and my friends will get a job in Victoria.

In term of psychiatry rotation, I don't think it has been a useful rotation for me. It was not properly taught and most of the students are not really interested in choosing psychiatry as their future career.

Swine flu in Victoria has been infected many people in the last few weeks, and of last night, there has been at least 1011 persons infected in this state and the total number of swine flu cases in Australia is 1260. If the number of cases in Australia especially Victoria keeps on increasing, WHO might have to declare the swine flu as a pandemic.


mosh said...

i haven't been in much mood of blogging lately also. few things to tell but just couldn't get the ideal state of mind to blog.

they have declared it as a pandemic kan? i thought melbourned was dubbed as the capital of swine flu already, no?

Hafiz said...

sorry for late reply. Not sure about whether Melbourne has that title, but I think it is appropriate since Melbourne is the new center of swine flu epidemic .