Monday, August 16, 2004

cruel method, good intention...does it justified?

today, another new week started...and this week is all about diabetes type II which is due to insulin resistance factor...
the first lecture today is about the brain regulation on fuel metabolism...what was shocking throughout the lect was the way the scientist in 60's do their experiment...they want to find out the cause of obesity and as usual they have to test the poor little mice..
one experiment, they do symbiosis between two mice in which they tied up both mice circulation and let the mice live together in that condition...just cannnot imagine of being peel off the skin and then being sown up together, vessel by vessel, just in the sake of science...
another experiment, the scientist even try to inject some substances directly to the brain of those little pity mice...i wonder how many mice died due to those experimetn...i guess for the sake of science, we ought to consider the fate of another God's creation..
by the way....i would like to offer my tribute to those mice that have sacrificed their own body for the sake of too-ignorant, too-selfish, deceived mankind ;)

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