Wednesday, August 18, 2004

second ICM off-campus

the visit to austin hospital prove to be fruitful today compare to the last time i visited it a fortnight ago. this time, we managed to interview the real patient for the first time in our journey as future doctor of tomorrow.

there many mistakes that my partner and I made, but i think it is alright to learn from mistakes that we made, so that in the future we can improve on.

during the discussion after that, i learn many new things and quite interesting too. i learned the effective way to communicate and simultaneously doing the abdominal examination...the tutor was so great that he gave lots of insight and profound technique on being a good doctor.

then, after the tutorial ends, for the first time, i used different transportation on the way back to uni. since Austin was in between zone 1 and 2, it was quite a way back to go to uni...but amazingly, the bus ride only took 20 minutes comparing to the train that sometimes can took up to 40 minutes. perhaps the road was clear at that moment.

throughout the journey, i noticed the beautiful scenery of melbourne suburb such as heidelberg, ivanhoe, clifton hill and i even manage to get a glimpse of Yarra river.
it was quite breathtaking too coz the scenery was quite new to me.

ok, that's for today.

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