Wednesday, April 26, 2006

House @ House MD

House is a famous medical series on US and Australia. I'm not sure about other countries though.

This series revolves around a genius doctor, Dr Gregory House (hence the name of the series) whose job is to diagnose disease which others doc can't. The word genius may be too exaggerating but probably true. He is not alone though. He is helped by three other doctors, one female immunologist, one neurologist and one, erm I think he is an expert in emergency medicine.

What is so interesting about this series that differentiate it from other typical medical drama is Dr House himself. He is not a typical doctor you see everyday. He does not care about his patient and try as much as he can, NOT to communicate with his patient. The communication is executed by his other three assistants.

What he cares is only the disease and he only treats disease not the patient. Neither ethical considerations nor the medical rules were ever part of his attitude. One doctor with an attitude ;)

His attitude, anti-social, hates everyone and the most repeated phrase..."everybody lies including the patient". Thus, this kind of attitude he had, always give him trouble in the end. Problem with his co-workers, nurses, friends and even his own boss and in one episode he is almost being sacked from the hospital.

The plot of each episode is rather typical. A patient comes to the hospital, they misdiagnosed and eventually Dr House become the saviour by diagnosing the real disease. The disease is often very rare and sometimes, even I never heard of it.

With this typical plot, what might influence me to watch House?

Hmm..some people watch House just to see how he survives many conflicts around him; some people like to see his 'atypical' attitude.

I watch House for medical reason :D

In Melbourne Uni word, although he is unfit and bad for HP but is rather excellent for PBL :)

From watching, I learned and revised many diseases. In fact, I managed to learn how to differentiate between the TV shows and the reality. Not all the diseases in House 100% correct. Some have questionable presentations which make me revised and research, to some extent, to know the true presentation of certain disease.

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