Thursday, April 20, 2006


It used to be Microsoft Internet Explorer since it is the default internet browser on Windows PC. In fact, many users still used Internet Explorer due to its default presence on Windows.

The emergence of Mozilla Firefox in the past few years have managed to disrupt the monopoly of Internet Explorer. Many users adopt the new browser while others tend to stick with IE. The most elegant feature of Firefox is the tabbed browsing and it is the most significant reason that I choose the Firefox instead of IE.

In fact, the new version of Internet Explorer version 7.0 follows Mozilla Firefox. The new IE will present the same interface as Mozilla Firefox. Certainly, Microsoft is quite late at adopting the features introduced by Mozilla Firefox.

Another important difference is that Firefox is an open-sourced browser whereas IE is closed source. Basically, Firefox programming code is public and can be altered by anyone who possessed the appropriate talent and skills but IE is only known to few.

One can argue that many viruses and spy wares can easily penetrate this open source but you should remember that there are thousand more people who are working round the clock to defend this browser ;)

Due to this feature of being open to everyone, Firefox has thousands of various extensions that sometimes, even I could not think of creating that kind of extension. You just need to browse the various extensions available on Mozilla site and later choose one. Quite easy and up till now, I have installed 10 extensions and the Firefox remains stable. I thought this was too many until I found this….

This guy has managed to install 100 extensions on his Mozilla Firefox just for the sake of testing its stability. Check the link here

superbrowser :D

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