Saturday, April 14, 2007

Favourite Firefox extensions

Since I am busy writing the thesis, the idea of writing an entry in this blog remains blur and empty. Thus, I will simply list down my favourite Firefox extensions (add-ons) added with my own comments :).

  • Tab Mix plus. A good extension to further enhance your tab-browsing experience. It has a lot of options for customization and to tell you the truth, I am still exploring the options.

  • Video Downloader. A famous extensions for you to download the video from Youtube and the Tube's clone ;). The video will be downloaded in .flv format and you need either to install FLV player or use VLC. Personally, I used VLC since it is able to read a lot of media format.

  • IE tab. Yeah, I know. Why need to use IE when most of the time you used Firefox. Apparently, there are certain websites that forced you to use IE. This extension will help you to switch the browser with just a click.

  • McAfee SiteAdvisor. This extension will give you the safety ratings for almost every websites on the net. If you search using google, yahoo or msn, this extension will give colour-coded rating to advise you whether the link is safe or dangerous or unknown. By using this extension, it will at least keep you away from virus, adwares, spywares or anything dangerous that might harm your computer.

  • Personal Menu. This is a nice extension that helps you to customise the menu. If you rarely click "file, edit, view, history" menu at the top of Firefox, this will help you to rearrange the menu. It can also increase the space for viewing the web. If you decide to install this extension, ask me if you encounter any trouble :).

  • Scrapbook. This extension helps you to save webpages faster. I used this extension to save digital books on the web. By using this extension, you read the webpage offline.

  • Web Developer. I am interested in the web development and this extension helps me a lot on developing this blog. It help you to dissect the page source, validate the websites etc. There are a lof of useful functions for someone who is interested in the development of a website :).

  • Is there any Firefox extension that you can suggest to me? :)

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