Monday, April 09, 2007

topic sentence

Right now, I'm in the phase of increasing the length of my writing for the project. It will be good if I can write as much as 60-80 pages :). Hopefully it is not that verbose. It took some time for me to write a new paragraph because of the pattern I used so far.

I begin every paragraph with a topic sentence. This phrase refers to a sentence that summarised the whole paragraph. So, the first sentence summarised the whole paragraph and the following sentences explaining the idea. Most of the time, the sentences that followed the topic sentence were quoted from medical journals since I'm very cautious of any form of plagiarism.

To quote something from a medical journal requires extensive literature review (read: need to read a lot of medical journals). I've just realised that my literature review so far has barely meet my own requirement. I am writing and doing the literature review both at the same time. Hence, spends a lot of time in front of the computer.

While writing a new paragraph, I have to ensure that the paragraph fits the whole picture. I mean that it will follows the order and does not seem too chaotic. This is one of the challenges writing a looooong essay.

Ok. Enough of my rant now. Should continue my unfinished task....

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