Thursday, April 05, 2007

tracking visitors in Google Analytics

I have another blog at That blog is primarily used for commenting at efx2 blogs. I have put Google Analytics code in the blog since last year and I am able to detect who is visiting the blog.

There are a lot of features in this application. I will show you how to combine several features together. First, click marketing optimization under All reports. Then click visitor segment performace and after that, please click on referring source.

Google Analytics will show you how the visitors found the website either through search engine, links from another website or direct link from the computer. The picture above shows my statistics on the blog at

Click on the double arrow that pointing upwards on any of the source. For example, I have clicked on the double arrow next to (direct)[(none)]. A box (I don't know the appropriate term for this one though) will appear next to the double arrow. Click on cross segment performance. Another box will appear and this will list several options for you to combine several features. If you would like to know which countries the visitors came from, click country and in my case, I will click city.

After that, a new page will reload and shows you the appropriate statistic. In my case, between 29th March 2007 and 4th April 2007, there were 12 direct visits from North Clayton, 4 visits from Melbourne, 2 from Dingley and 1 from Camberwell B).
You can also adjust the date range if you want to find out specific visitors on each day. Just click the calendar under the date range.

This post was inspired after reading this entry :)

p/s: Wrote this entry after taking a break from analysing data for my thesis ;)

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