Tuesday, September 25, 2007

fasting and clinical years

Ramadhan this year is a bit different from previous year. My typical days would begin at 8 or 9 am and finished by 5 or 6pm. I usually go to the hospital one hour earlier. So, any tutorials that begins at 8am means that I go out from the house by 7am. Usually, I arrived home at 6 or 7pm and I will be fortunate if I am able to come home earlier.

Now, Maghrib is usually after 6pm and the day is getting longer now. Most of the time I arrived at home after 6pm and it means that I break my fast a bit later. Isha'a is now around 7.45pm and the mosque start 30 minutes late to give time for people to relax after Maghrib.

If I'm not too tired, I will try to study a bit after Taraweeh. Most often this is not the case though :). Therefore, my weekend is extremely precious for me as it is the only time for me to revise.

There are a lot to do in clinical years and I need to know few major diseases. There is also emotional component involved whenever you interview any patient with terminal illness. My current rotation introduces me to relatively high number of patients who are going to die within days or weeks. It is not an easy sight to deal with though.


hayad said...

"My current rotation introduces me to relatively high number of patients who are going to die within days or weeks."

waduh2..depa sakit ape?

mosh said...

a very fitting rotation to ramadhan eh?

hafiz238 said...

hayad: they have cancers and some were not curable.

moshimoshi: i guess so. It is an interesting rotation :)

Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

Salam Hafiz,

What rotation are u having at the moment? How long does it take for 1 rotation? I guess that the system is a bit diff with the system here. Anyway, Alhamdulillah I hv a quite relax cycle (cyle = rotation) within this month but starting from Oct 1st, a new cycle will begin and it's tough man.

Great to hear that u had the chances to deal with such patients. I haven't conducted any clerking on such terminally ill patients. If I were u, maybe my emotion is.... ahh.. indescribable..

May u be tough thruout the Ramadhan n nevertheless, may u be in the pink of health to complete the rotation.

Thnks sbb tulis pasal ni :)

hafiz238 said...

my rotation usually have 4 specialties and lasts about 6 weeks.

it is a great experience to clerk wide range of patients. It gave us an opportunity to understand the disease from patient's perspective and a bit on psychological aspect.

will be writing more about this if i have time :)

nuu_OL said...

oo mcm ni la medical student + obesess student erk ..hehehe..")

hafiz238 said...


kaSyah said...

so what u usually have for berbuka now?

u cook or buy?

hafiz238 said...

sometimes I bought the food from restaurant..if i have lots of time, I'll cook by myself.