Saturday, September 08, 2007

medical student

This should lighten up my feeling whenever confronted with difficulty of knowing why did I choose medicine as my future career :)

12 types of medical students.

Medical hierarchy

Created by Michelle Au.


Ummu Layth said...

made my day

hafiz238 said...

there are more of those comics if you follow the links...enjoy :)

fiqah said...

i like the 12 types of medical students thingy
wonder which one is me

hafiz238 said...

probably a mixture of a few types :)

Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

salam hafiz,

seriously cool! but the resident, owh..he looks totally miserable..pity us 1 day wil b like him..*sigh*

selamat berpuasa ye hafiz.

p/s: eventho i'l b graduating a bit earlier than u, but nothing much makes the diffrnce. u too will b graduating a yr after that, isnt it :)

hafiz238 said...

junior doctors at malaysia will have terrible working hours. hopefully we will be able to survive that.

at least this comic will help to release any stress from studying medicine :)

rurouni said...

heehee, i'm the sane one ;)

rurouni said...

having said that, funny can i still love (hurm..wait. that might not be correct.. still doing it?) something that has cost me liters of tears and countless hours of depression? =)

hafiz238 said...

hehe...hopefully you will be able to maintain your sanity until you graduate :)..only few more years to go. ganbatte.