Wednesday, September 12, 2007

the fate of efx2

I have another blog at efx2 and I rarely updated this blog. I used this blog mainly to give comment at some of my friends who blog over there. Apparently the blog hosting server is facing severe problem right now. I am pasting the message from the blog developer, Keith, taken from King 0f Ankh
My blog script on was exploited and a phishing scam was put on the server through our site. Apparently this is the 3rd time this has happened in recent months. The problem is this is the first time I have heard about this. If Martin would have said something to be the first time I could have done something to prevent it from happening again.

So now since its the 3rd time in recent months it violates the main hosts TOS so that single server was canceled (he has a total of 4 servers with that hosting company) so he is trying to work with them to get it back.

I personally feel he is no longer going to host us though .. even though its not exactly our fault this happened. It is not something that was done intentionally.

This whole thing completely sucks and is the cherry on the top of my crap cake this past month ..

Because or script is exploitable and I don't have the time to redo it all over again I am going to try out Wordpress MU. Wordpress MU is a multiple user Wordpress script and is developed and tested by professional and will be the fastest way to get back up.

Check out the FAQ there. It has all the features of EFx2 as well as some we never had. Some of the cool ones include multiple authors per blog and the ability to post from a 3rd party software. Almost all the wordpress plugins work for it as well as all the wordpress themes.

I will pass on any information I get to various bloggers so they can pass it on to everyone else. :D
Hopefully this will clarify what is happening with efx2 at the moment.

UPDATE 14/9/2007: Check efx2 Blogs for current update on the problem.


moshimoshi said...

sob sob sob

intan saleh said...

we heard about this last week.. hence the mass migration. mosh2 je tertinggal ketapi ni.. hehe..

hafiz238 said...

moshimoshi: i think the problem will be solved within few weeks.

intan: lepas ni kena cari blog of efx2 refugees :). i hope this is temporary.

Ummu Layth said...

for my new refuge, click my link

randomshinichi said...

That's pretty sad. I really wanted to get my posts back, too. Hope it comes back up soon.

I also had a blog on EFX2, but I recently changed to someone else's server using Wordpress.

I don't know why so many EFX2 people hate Wordpress. Okay, so moving to Wordpress would make EFX2 not unique, but really Wordpress lets you organize and upload your images so you don't have link flickr or, plus upload miscellaneous stuff. And it's infinitely customizable.