Tuesday, October 23, 2007

gut and liver

The new rotation is less busy than the previous one. The current rotation is Gastroenterology, hepatobiliary and general surgery. There are many tutorials that has been cancelled or postponed which gave us lots of free time. However, I usually stay late at the hospital either to do some revision or interviewing patient.

As usual, there are many things that I've forgotten and need to catch up on that. There is roughly 5 weeks before my semester exam. Can't wait for the holiday now :).

p/s: There is something wrong with few javascript that I've been using in this blog. Will fix it later when I've time.


hayad said...

hafiz, snap la gambo berkaitan ngan surgery ape2 ker...penyakit ape2 ke..gambo usus besor usus kecik pankreas real punye ke. Teman suke tgk,hehe... utk menambah pengetahuan ;)

Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

Salam Hafiz.

Hepatobiliary.. interesting yet complicated. may the force be with u..

hafiz238 said...

hayad, sukar sikit untuk tunaikan permintaan tu. mungkin nanti akan letak gambar daripada Google kot.

sarah, thank you. I'm still in early part of my rotation. So, there are many things that I don't know yet.