Saturday, November 17, 2007

search engine

Sometimes, it can be interesting to see how people find out about this blog. I use Google Analytics to analyse the traffic to this site and 40% of the visitors come from search engine.

14.31% Direct Traffic
53.54% Referring Site
32.15% Search Engine

Top Keywords
  1. kembara di bumi melbourne
  2. pelajar terbaik spm mckk
  3. e-novel malay
  4. ladybug layout
  5. hafiz238
  6. allahumma anta rabbi la ilaha illa anta translation
  7. e-novel malay malaysia
  8. ladybug "blogger template"
  9. ladybug layouts
  10. css version in blogger
14.50% Direct Traffic
45.69% Referring Site
39.82% Search Engine

Top keywords
  1. ladybug layouts
  2. ladybug layout
  3. e-novel malay
  4. hafiz
  5. hafiz238
  6. kembara di bumi melbourne
  7. alam baqa
  8. erti kemerdekaan
  9. erti merdeka
  10. kelebihan al-mathurat
11.16% Direct Traffic
44.00% Referring Site
44.84% Search Engine

Top Keywords
  1. ladybug layouts
  2. dock menu
  3. date header+calender icon+blogger
  4. kembara di bumi melbourne
  5. kerja sebagai fruit picker
  6. ladybug layout
  7. peperiksaan blogspot
  8. raya di australia
  9. raya di melbourne
  10. erti kemerdekaan
There are several patterns that can be observed from this data.

Some of the searches were seasonal and this highlights the important of having post which is related to certain important season. In September, keywords related to independence were among the top keywords and in October, keywords related to Eidul fitri were linked to this blog. The summer holiday in Australia start in November and hence the reason of searching about fruit picker ;).

Another pattern is writing about blogspot layout/template will attract traffic at any time. I think there are many people who are looking to modify their blogspot layout. I never know that there are many people who are looking for ladybug layout. This is quite a surprise for me.

Another surprise is to see that an old blog post is coming up in one of the searches. E-novel malay is referring to this entry which was written in 2004.

If you are keen in analysing the web traffic, you will be able to learn a lot and this information will be useful in the future. By analysing which keywords land your site in the search engine, you are able to plan your writing and design an effective marketing strategy.

However, I am not planning of using this blog to get additional income. This blog will stay as a personal blog and occasionally I will write and talk about blogspot layouts/templates. Part of my hobby is to design website. At least, I will be able to put my knowledge on CSS into practice.


hayad said...

eh hafiz, mcm mn nak tau ek? tlg ajo sket :D

Tawel Sensei said...

Now I know Blogspot ada peperiksaan. Haha..

aria ayumi said...

minat layout gak ye? kite pun minat gak. tapi, minat yg org lain nye layout ah. nak uat sndiri xreti plak.

ppl reached to our blog depends on our topics. our nickname either.

recently, i've got fren from french. he said that he have got my yahoo id through my blog. and i asked how he got my add blog. he said, he searched for "aria" :)

hafiz238 said...

Hayad, mula2, pastikan letak code untuk Google Analytics di blog.

cara untuk cari keyword ialah
1. pergi ke Dashboard Google Analytics.
2. Ubah tarikh kepada tarikh yang ingin dicari. contohnya, jika ingin tengok statistik bulan Ogos, ubah tarikh bermula dengan 1 ogos 2007 hingga 31 ogos 2007.
3. Untuk tengok keyword, klik traffic sources dan klik keywords

kalau tak faham, mungkin kena tunjuk gambar lain kali.

tawel, mungkin orang tu ingin cari blog yang menerangkan mengenai peperiksaan kot. tak tahu peperiksaan apa yang mereka ingin cari tu :) minat buat layout pun sebab ada blog. Bosan juga kalau blog guna standard layout. Akan ambil masa juga untuk belajar reka sendiri layout ni.

curious juga yer...kenapa guna nickname aria? nama sebenar ker ni ....

kaSyah said...

yup, google analytic memang memudahkan nak tgk statistik. n senang faham.

anyway bro, u know arephyz x?

i wonder why he's never update since 12july..

hafiz238 said...

kasyah, I know him and have his link in my blog. Tak tahu kenapa dia dah tak lama update. mungkin dia sangat sibuk kot.

aria ayumi said...

hehe. bukan la. aria bukan nama sebenar kite. aria, nama budak dlm cite katun sister princess. gambo die kat sblh ni le --->>

hafiz238 said...

owh, kalau macam tu nak panggil apa yer?