Friday, November 30, 2007


There are 4 OSCE stations.
  1. Iron-deficiency anaemia. Take history and try to diagnose possible causes of iron-deficiency anaemia. The patient is well and do not have significant history except symptoms of anaemia. I was stuck on this station for a while. The only things that I could think for differential diagnosis were colorectal cancer, angiodysplasia, peptic ulcer, parasites and diet.
  2. History of headache. Possible diagnosis were severe migraine, meningitis and sub- arachnoid haemorrhage. I think I did well except for answering the questions from the examiner.
  3. Gastrointestinal examination on real patient with chronic liver disease. The questions were about liver function test, signs of portal hypertension and causes of decompensated cirrhosis.
  4. Visual acuity and visual field. Questions were on the location of the lesion and possible aetiology. I need to interpret from a CT scan.
Overall, I think I can get at least a passing mark :).Now, I should not be thinking about exam. I just wrote the OSCE stations for future references.

Next on my agenda is going home :). I need to buy few souvenirs for my family and friends.


hayad said... tak phm soklan. bulih gtu?? haha :D

hafiz238 said...

kalau tak tahu jawapan, boleh sahaja cakap kepada examiner, I don't know :)

Minci said...

good for my reference too. oooo.. balik Msia jugak ker.. nice..

arsaili said...

eh bila balik fiz? balik Kl ker?

hafiz238 said...

minci and arsaili, I will be going back to my hometown, Kuala Kangsar, Perak :).

chem said...

welcome back