Monday, May 19, 2008

difficult question

Sometimes there are times when some questions are a bit hard to ask to another person especially if that person is your friend. The questions can jeopardize or bring great changes to the friendship that you have built so far. You are not sure what kind of effect the question will cause but you are curious to know the answer.

I've experienced that situation before when one of my friends suddenly seems a bit different from normal. He was usually happy and talkative but now, he seems a bit introvert and far too quiet. I'm afraid to ask what's wrong with him in case I was being perceived as too nosy.

As his friend, I thought the best way was to give him time and ask him later when the right time comes. In the end, I found out the cause of his unusual attitude. One of his relatives passed away and it was difficult for him to cope.

Having said that, I'm still not sure what is the best way to approach this kind of situation. Is waiting for the right time is the right thing to do or should you ask the question directly...


Anonymous said...

bagi sy la kan, betul dh apa yg hafiz buat tu... sbb kdg2 bila kita hadapi saat2 susah, kdg kita nak bersendirian. same goes wif ur fren. bagi dia masa utk kembali normal. klw kita ckp2 ms dia tgh down.. it's good... but, it just some sort like takde guna sgt. sbb biasanya, ms kita tgh down, kita nye willing nak dengar apa org cakap tu... kurang sket. lepas dia dh ok, baru kita cakap2 ngan dia.

itu pendapat sy lah. :)

hafiz238 said...

the current situation is a little bit different from the past. Anyway, thanks for your opinion :)

Minci said...

there's no one right way to approach this matter. you know best how ur friend is and I think only u cud tell 'when' the right time is..
till then Im sure you have already pprayed for ur frens wellbeing..