Friday, May 02, 2008

writing your own will

I have always wondered if there is any feature in a blog that will enable for a person to write their own will in case they passed away suddenly. Recent famous Malaysian blogger that has passed away was Rustam Sani. This was his last post.

This feature is not only useful for bloggers that have gone to the afterlife but also to those bloggers who have mysteriously disappeared from the online world. Perhaps, they were kidnapped, lost their laptop or being cut off from the internet due some unexpected factors such as earthquake that disrupt undersea internet cables.

Now, Blogger has introduced this features that was previously only available in Blogger Draft. Now, you can publish your post in the future.

There should not be any excuse for those bloggers who are using blogspot of not using this new feature.


arsaili said...

salam, tak terfikir pasal wasiat..umm tapi kena selalu ingat pasal mati...secara tak langsung ingat pasal wasiat..kan? ye la kot

Minci said...

wordpress has this feature as well. my 'momok' lah guna.. ha ha ha

but someone wud have to be able to access the deceased nyer account to publish the draft, kan? of course it can be put on automatic, but we cant really tell when our time is..

hafiz238 said...

@ arsaili, kena selalu beringat pasal ajal sebab kita takkan tahu bila kita akan meninggalkan dunia ini.

@ minci, tak pernah tahu wordpress ada feature macam ni. someone can access the account of the deceased person provided that they know the user name and password. If they didn't know the password, that would be difficult. That's when this feature will be useful :)