Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cultural Safety

On the third day at Dookie Campus, all of us have to travel to Rumbalara Football Club, Shepparton, which is about 40 minutes away from Dookie Campus. The main reason we have to travel to the football club is to learn about the cultural differences among many races and in this case, it was the Aborigines.

Aborigines in Australia have been abused for hundreds of years. They were isolated from their families and integrated into the white society to such an extent, they lose their own language. Australia has its own dark history.

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There was an interactive session where the medical students were split up into two group and each group have to become a predefined culture group and follow all the rules. It was an interesting experience as each group culture is significantly different and each group has to find out what are the rules of the other cultures.

I find the session was useful to highlight the differences of cultures among human being. We are not that easy to accept any people who are different from us. Sometimes, deciding which one are good or bad rules in a community can be difficult since it is subject to various factors such as culture, faith and the global environment.

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