Thursday, September 16, 2004

anatomy prac n liver function test

today, i had two in the morning and another in the evening...

the morning prac was about liver function test in which we learned all sort of diagnostic tools in diagnosing liver-related disease...quite interesting although some of it i couldn't understand..(as i have not revised those part yet..hehe)....anyway, one intresting fact i learned that is the damage done by drinking alcohol..

if a person drink alcohol a lot for a couple of years, he will tend to get lots of severe disease of which most of it can lead to death...most affected organ due to alcohol is the liver...if u drink a lot of alcohol, the liver could get enlarged or shrink, but the worst part of it...a few years after that, you will vomit blood and due to high alcohol level in the body, you will bleed to death as the blood will not stop or clotting (even doctor can't help you by that time)!...

even you don't get those signs, in few years time, your liver will not function anymore and you need to have liver another bad news, the doctor would not list the alcholic person on the list of liver transplant at all....what is the benefit of giving fresh liver to someone who in the future going to damage that liver again...there are so many scary facts on alcohol really! :)

then in the eveing, we had another anatomy prac..this time we get the chance to dissect the spleen and the small bowel...i managed to remove the spleen out of our cadaever (90 year old female of which many part of her body already being dissected, pretty scary huh) ..while we are disssecting the cadaever, some one mention about that fat is similar to butter, and the rest after that, all of us talked about food while at the same time dissceting the dead body..this is the culture of medicine, we can talked about food, music, boredom in front of dead people, out of respect actually..hehe...

if u know what have happened to those dead bodies, i bet u are going to feel nausea and amazed.. :D

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