Wednesday, September 15, 2004

minor accident in hospital...

Today, I pay another visit to Austin Hospital and our objective today is to refine our skills in doing abdominal examination. Since our tutor can only get permission from one patient, all 7 of us crowded around the patient. The patient was an old man who had undergone operation.

So, the tutor taught and corrected our techniques on abdominal examination. While the tutor was showing us the skills and technique, suddenly one of my female colleagues FAINTED. Prior to that, she said that she has donated blood in the morning and then straight away, she became pale and fell flat on the floor. Fortunately, all of us many to grab her from falling down straight to the floor and put her down slowly.

Due to this we get the chance to practice the first aid we learned in the first semester. I straightened her legs while others check the critical step in giving first aid. There are five critical steps in giving first aid. DRABC in which I called Dr. ABC. D stands for danger, R stands for response, A stands for airway, B stands for breathing and C stands for circulation.

Our tutor checked her heart and pulse rate and said that she have low blood perfusion and that may suggest her faintness. Our patient even become intrigued to see med student fainted. Herm, many things I learned today ;) not just abdominal examination but also the chance to practice first aid.

Later, she recovered and we continued our abdominal examination on the patient. For your information, complete abdominal examination include genital examination and PR (per rectum) examination but we will taught on this later as this one is quite intimate indeed. PR is examination of the rectum in which the doctor pokes his/her finger on the rectum to find any abnormalities in the rectum. If u don’t know where the rectum is, hehe, better check it in the dictionaries ;)

Oklah, got to sleep now…the journey continues..

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