Saturday, September 18, 2004

yay..good news to hear from malaysia

just heard surprising but good news from cousin are going to further his course at Glasgow, Scotland and going to fly this Sunday...a bit sad can't send him at the airport though :(

my cousin had just finished his diploma and are going to pursue his degree in actuary science (did i spell it correctly?) and probably to stay there for about three years...we used to compete in studies previously, PMR and SPM..we always comparing our result in the family..and now to hear him flying to UK was a good news for me..

i just wish in the future i can get the chance to go to UK really...currently, one of my uncle lived at london with his family (and i think he is already a permanent resident), another my cousin is doing her PHD somewhere north of England (for your information, my cousin is quite old already and already had two my father was no 8 in the family, and my cousin's father was no 2 in the family)..and here, another my cousin going to stay there..quite lot of my family member are there already...

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