Saturday, February 19, 2005

1 down, 13 more to go....

One week passed already, another 13 strenuous hectic weeks to go before I sit for the semester 3 exam. And then, it will be one month winter holiday. Can't wait for the holiday though :D

Talking about exams, 'unfortunately' we have four mid-semesters exams in the coming 13 weeks. I guess this blog will see lots of emptiness since I will be extremely busy with the study and PBL cases.

Since Aliya asked my academic report for the first it goes.

On Monday, we have PBL case to be solved by Friday. Luckily, it was not that hard to be crack with. The most interesting happened in this week is the anatomy lectures. For about a year, we had very very lousy anantomy lectures, not to mention the practical seminars. They expect us to know detailed anatomy concepts and facts prior to the lectures. It wasn't that I don't read enough but mind you that one anatomy books is as thick as 400 pages. To read those thick pages and comprehending the 3D visual of human body....that takes time.

But this time, we have different lecturer to teach us anatomy. She was good in delivering all those weird anatomy jargons to us and expect that we know nothing about anatomy, which was quite good for my friends and I. Crystal clear it was such that I don't need to read a lot in the anatomy book later.

For countless time again, we visited our cadaevers. This time there are more dead bodies to be dissect and more opportunity to handle those cadaver in youe own hand. Speaking of my own hand, I get the opportunity to show my skills in dissecting cadaever chest layer by layer. I managed to show them (read: my fellow friends) the correct way to peel off those skin and the subcutaneous fascia. Pouring out my pasttime skill in 'melapah lembu' on those cadaever, my friends were amazed. advantage of being a Muslim ;)

Okay, thats for now....wassalam

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